Why not use regional business and support ‘jobs in the bush’ rather than a large multi-national corporation for your feminine hygiene and washroom needs?

We supply and service sanitary units, nappy bins, sharps disposal, urinal and cistern sanitisers, refill your soap and supply hand wipes and automated fragrances. We supply and service automated natural pyrethrum insect repellent and can install, check and dispose of sharpes. No contract unless you want one – if we don’t do a good job then we will not hold you to a contract.

Grey Sanitary Bin or Feminine Hygiene Bins

Sanitary Disposal Service

Bizclean Mats & Hygiene Services have a range of Feminine Hygiene units for small business, schools and government departments. We also have units for nappies and clinical waste.

At each service the unit is removed and replaced by a fully sterilised unit containing a fragrance liner and sanisorb* (see below). Eliminates odour and risk of infections, no added water and avoids waste blocking toilets and drains.
The units are moulded in Australia to Australian design and hygiene specifications using high speed injection moulding. Side opening trap faces the user at toilet seat height. The unique slimline low profile design is user friendly and unobtrusive even in the smallest cubicle. Some units can be wall mounted for better access to floors for cleaning.
Historically the method employed to treat the sanitary waste has been to soak the contents in a chemical liquid/vapour. This method used chemicals such as sodium metabisulphide and/or gluderaldehyde and/or quaternary ammonium. All these chemicals are unfriendly to the environment and our health.
Sanisorb is a completely inert mineral (it’s even edible). By eliminating moisture and drawing the air inside the unit through its unique molecular structure all odour causing bacteria are eliminated. The waste in turn is completely dry, preventing the risk of spillage and contamination by chemicals.

Sanitary Bag dispensers and Saniwipes

Sanitary Bag dispensers and Saniwipes also supplied and serviced.

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a dispenser for cotton hand towls.

Continuous Handtowels: Cotton Hand Towels. A Sustainable Choice

Cotton towels have been shown to reduce bacteria by 85% as compared with air dryers which have shown increases in bacteria (1). Friction from drying with cotton removes bacteria and has superior water absorption. Clean towel is located above and isolated from the used towel and it is impossible to pull back used towel.
Cotton towels use is more sustainable. Wash and reuse towels, cabinets are built to last, no batteries or electricity, old towels recycled into grease rags. A study by the Oko-Institut, Germany 2006 showed paper towels are 150% more damaging to the environment than cotton.
A lockable metal cabinet is supplied, and 40m pure cotton towels. Used towels are replaced regularly with clean.
And, you can reduce Carbon footprint as an added bonus!

1. The School of Biosciences Westminster UK 2007.

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image for yellow sharpes disposal bins

Sharps Disposal and Safety

Lockable Metal Cabinets or brackets are available for purchase.

A range of sizes are available from 1.4L to 40L. The 1.4L has proved the most popular for small businesses such as Service Stations, Public Toilets, Schools and Universities.
As part of the service, we can install, service and supply the plastic refill containers on a regular basis. Containers are disposed off at certified sites.
Service is generally every 3 months.

Sunscreen & Antibacterial Soaps

A range of liquids and lotions can be supplied and serviced for customer and staff, safety and convenience.
For more details on the different types of dispensers and refills available please contact us or see below for Hand Soaps and Protection.

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Fragrance & Sanitisers

image for fragrance spray dispensers

Digital aerosol fragrance dispensers

Keep your washroom smelling great. Scented environments not only mask unpleasant odours in bathrooms and gyms but can improve customer satisfaction in any showroom or office space.
Our fragrances eliminate tobacco and bathroom odours, and are non-chlorinated. Each dispenser will cover an area of up to 170 cubic metres. Overtime your nose may have gotten use to the smell so it is recommended to change the scent regularly. Aerosol units can be adjusted to spray at any interval.
For businesses sensitive to aerosols fan forced dispensers propel fragrance from natural oil based infused blocks which will last up to 4 weeks and also come in a variety of scents.
Servicing generally required every 4 weeks.

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image for toilet sanitisers

Sweet Loo Toilet Sanitisers

Require no plumbing and delivers a measured dose of sanitising fluid with each flush. Cleansing from the cistern to beyond the S bend the sanitiser clings to surfaces eliminating bacteria and odour leaving a fresh scent. Clear for Urinals and Blue for WC cisterns.
Generally serviced every 4 weeks depending on flush frequency.

image of a small triangular urinal sanitiser.

Unitabs / UFO

Protect pipe work and fixtures from costly maintenance and time consuming cleaning. Automatically cleans, descales, deodorises with every flush. Specially formulated to prevent waste build-up. When flushing the urinal water dissolves a portion of the waxy composition contained in the block, releasing its bacteriostatic ingredients and refreshing scent.
The UFO is a Heavy Duty Concentrate Urinal Maintainer. Stronger Fragrance and Active Ingredients to prevent odours and bacteria from multiplying and growing in pipes and fixtures.
Serviced every 4 weeks depending on frequency of flushing.

Hand Soaps & Protection

image of hand soap dispensers.


A range of sturdy dispensers are available. Pictured is the most popular. It is suitable for a gentle soap or antibacterial soap. These dispensers can also be serviced with hand lotion and sunscreen – an added convenience for your customers and staff which is sure to be appreciated. Also spray and foam dispensers can be supplied and serviced if preferred.
Generally supplied and serviced every 4 weeks depending on use.

image of hand soap dispensers

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Dispenser

Works with any type of industrial soap. Large Capacity 4L bottle. Easy to Use. Robust mechanism designed for daily use. Serviced with Industrial Heavy Duty Hand Soap which is tough on dirt. Fresh Lemon Fragrance with moisturising agents for daily use.
Normally serviced 4 weekly depending on use.

image of Toilet Seat Sanitising Flushable Wipes and dispensers.

Toilet Seat Sanitising Flushable Wipe

Scintilla dispenses virusidal/bactericidal toilet seat wet wipes. These specially impregnated wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria found on toilet seats and conform to European bacterial and fungicidal standards. Simple and effective the toilet seat wipes are dispensed via a single wipe dispensing aperture to minimise waste and are biodegradable so can be disposed of by flushing.
Refilled and cleaned 4 weekly depending on use.

image of sanitary bag dispenser.

Sanitary Bag Dispenser

Will lock away germs/bacteria and bad odour. Perfect compliment to a sanitary service. Impact resistant ABS plastic.
Service only available with Sanitary Unit service.
See Cotton Hand Towel Service for consumer and environmentally friendly hand drying.

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We are keen on an industrial entry mat from Bizclean as we were constantly having to vacuum our small shop front each day to keep it tidy, and on rainy days having mud from customers boots contained on a mat rather than spread throughout the shop (it’s a pain to clean up).
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