Work Health & Safety Mats

Decrease risk of customers slip and fall accidents, and improve the work environment of your staff. Ideal for kitchens, locker rooms, behind bars and production areas.

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image of anti Anti-fatigue mat corner


Similar uses to the Cleanscrape, but being slightly thicker rubber has good anti-fatigue properties.
Also useful as a first line of defence against dirt entering buildings.
Holes allowing dirt to fall through and also provide scrapping action.

image of Clean Thru Plus anti anti-fatigue mats.

Clean Through Plus

Has anti-fatigue and safety features like the Cleanscrape but also holes that make it particularly useful in kitchens, bars, locker rooms, pool areas or wherever wet floors are a possibility.

image of Cleanscrape mats


Is the workhorse of the range, this heavy duty scraper/safety mat is as good as it gets for environments where traction is essential. Ideal for kitchens, locker rooms, behind bars and production areas. The 100% nitrile rubber will resist oil and grease and contains an anti-microbial agent unlike cheaper recycled rubber which breaks down becoming slimy when wet.

image of Cero Plus Scraper Mat

Cero Plus Scraper Mat

Cero Mats are designed to provide the perfect balance between dirt pick-up and moisture absorption. This particular textile consists of alternating rows of solution dyed nylon fibre and monofilament polyamide fibres. The end result is a rich and unique design that simulates installed aluminium matting systems with the flexibility of a loose laid mat. Combine it with our rubber backing options and you get a distinctive, high performing launderable mat that keeps dirt out and your floors clean.

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Bizclean Mats & Hygiene Services has provided us with exemplary service for seven+ years.

The mats are a well thought out thing and having them replaced every two weeks made our front look great. Your cleaning and replacement was a well spent dollar for our business as well as the fly spray units.
Thank you for providing a great service.
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John Bishton, CPA Director Country Fresh Supermarkets P/L

Local Supermarket